When will xtrabackup-8.0.26-18 release?

we use MySQL 8.0.x + xtrabackup 8.0.x in our system.
now we are considering to update MySQL 8.0.26, so we tested backup in below situation;

MySQL: 8.0.26
xtrabackup: 8.0.25-17

in that case, we got this error message and couldn’t make backup.

Error: Unsupported server version 8.0.26.
Please upgrade PXB, if a new version is available. To continue with risk, use the option --no-server-version-check.

I know it’s needed to use MySQL and xtrabackup in equal version - MySQL 8.0.26 and xtrabackup 8.0.26-18(?),
but xtrabackup 8.0.26-18 isn’t released yet, i cannot find release schedule too.

I want to know when it will be released, let me know release schedule if you can.

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Hi @rkwmt_ns,

We are in the final stages of QA for PXB 8.0.26.

Stay tuned at Percona XtraBackup 8.0 Release Notes and Software New Releases - Percona Community Forum for the announcement.


Thanks a lot! I’ll check it out

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