Percona-xtrabackup Unsupported server version 8.0.30


We are having major issues while we run the percona-xtrabckup 8.0.29. Since our DB latest version is 8.0.30 and Percona-xtrabackup version is 8.0.29 . While we run the Percona-xtrabackup, it fails with Unsupported server version and we are unable to proceed.

Please let me know what is the option for Percona-xtraabckup to run the backup for any version (Either lower Mysql DB version or higher MySQL DB version).

Thanks beforehand!


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Hi @amk.singh5 ,

Percona Xtrabackup version has to be aligned with the server you are trying to backup. At this moment we are still understanding the redo log changes from 8.0.30 and incorporating them into PXB.
For now, I would advise downgrading back to MySQL 8.0.29 or using logical backups.

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Ok Thank you. I will discuss with my team how to manage this. Please let me if we have any option to run Percona-xtrabackup with higher MySQL db version.

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