Any predictions on when Xtrabackup 8.0.30 will be released?

Someone from the team left the internet free on a server and mysql was automatically updated to version 8.0.30. Now we have a system without backup because xtrabackup 8.0.29 is incompatible. I’ve been checking for over a month to see if the new version of xtrabackup has been released. Is there any release date for the mysql 8.0.30 compatible version?


Hi @CESAR_MURILO_DA_SILV , thanks for posting your question to the Percona forums

We generally release PXB within 30 days of our MySQL releases. Since we don’t have a Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.30 release yet, I would say we are still more than a month out.

We’re tracking the PXB 8.0.30 release in Log in - Percona JIRA Which doesn’t yet have a set release date. I see there are 4 unclosed BLOCKER tasks there so it could be some time before the release is available.