XtraBackup for MySQL 8.0.36

Hi. Where’s Percona XtraBackup 8.0.36?
percona-server:8.0.36-28.1 was released on Mar 4, 2024, almost a month ago. What XtraBackup version I can use for this?

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You can use Percona XtraBackup 8.0.35-30

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Thanks! Could you clarify this for me:

With the release of Percona XtraBackup 8.0.34-29, Percona XtraBackup allows backups on version 8.0.35 and higher.

Is this a temporary exclusion, or has the general comparison strategy been changed? At this point the doc confusing a bit, this notice contradicts what pointed next there.
I have written a script to automate the creation and restoration process for myself, and I include a check for backup compatibility. Currently, it’s very simple: backup.mysql_version <= xtrabackup_version . However, with this change, should I hardcode 8.0.34-29 into the script?"

And a side question… is there any work on arch64 version for pxb? I see that “multi” docker image is ready for Percona MySQL Server but I combine it with pxb, that means i need arch64 version for pxb as well. Any info here?

We just found out, our backups are broken for a few weeks, because there is no XtraBackup 8.0.36.
PMM returns this error: xtrabackup version “8.0.35-30” is not compatible with mysql version “8.0.36-28”: incompatible xtrabackup

I hope you fix this ASAP.

I did the below testing it worked.

mysql --version
mysql  Ver 8.0.36-28
xtrabackup --version
xtrabackup version 8.0.35-30
xtrabackup --backup --target-dir=/home/percona/backup/
[Note] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] completed OK!

You can also use --no-server-version-check If the source system version is greater than the XtraBackup version,
Server version and backup version comparison

you can share the error, if you still experiencing the backup failures.

We have multiple levels of backups. Backing up through the command line as you mention in the last comment works, but automatic or manual backups in PMM don’t.


Probably you faced the same issue as me. But in my case the compatibility check was in my automation script, it seems like you have the same in PMM. Probably, PMM is not ready for this version strategy change.