Support for MySQL 8.0.25

Canonical rolled out the Fossa Focal MySQL 8.0.25 as a security update (Ubuntu 20.04). Unfortunately, Xtrabackup is still at 8.0.23.

At PXB-2468 - upstream 8.0.25 merge - PXB version bump · percona/percona-xtrabackup@11fcda2 · GitHub I saw the XB_VERSION_PATCH already has been bumped up to 25. Does this mean that we can expect a new *.deb file real soon now? Like within a week or so?

Does anyone know it is safe to use the --no-version-check with Xtrabackup 8.0.23 and MySQL server 8.0.25?


Hey @MarkR

Indeed the bulk of work to upgrade PXB from 8.0.23 to 8.0.25 has passed review and it’s merged into the main 8.0 repository. We don’t have an ETA for the official release yet, but it’s already under the release QA cycles.

No, MySQL 8.0.24 introduced changes to the data dictionary which will make PXB 8.0.23 fail to prepare backups from MySQL 8.0.24 and 8.0.25. For now, hold-on the MySQL upgrade for a little longer.

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