Percona Everest 0.5.0 has been released: New easy installation process

Hi, a new version of Percona Everest has been released.

The installation process has changed quite a bit; it’s become much easier; no Docker is needed now, and the installation is completely on Kubernetes and using Kubernetes resources.

Scheduled backups are also available.

Please try Percona Everest and share your opinion. Any ideas and comments are welcome, both on the product as a whole, the idea, how to use it, and on the functionality or interface.

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In the video, I install via the quick install script. I open Everest in a browser on localhost ( because kubectl port-forward is executed in the last step of the quick install script.

kubectl port-forward -n percona-everest deployment/percona-everest 8080:8080

But Everest itself runs in Kubernetes and you can give it a public IP with one command

kubectl patch svc/everest -n percona-everest -p '{"spec": {"type": "LoadBalancer"}}'

The authorization and login functionality is currently under development. Soon it will be possible to use the default public IP and it will be secure.


We have also prepared a short video for you on how Percona Everest works in its current state.

Please try it out, tell us what features you expect and would be useful, what could be changed or improved.

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