Everest on Rancher

I try to Install Everest on Rancher with this instruction (Quick install - Percona Everest), but I’m getting the following error when I launch the installation :

Downloading the latest release of Percona Everest CLI
Deploying Backends using docker compose
[+] Running 18/18
 ✔ everest 3 layers [⣿⣿⣿]      0B/0B      Pulled
2023-10-31T11:50:17Z    info    install/operators.go:885        Binding cluster role to Everest Service account {"component": "install/operators"}
2023-10-31T11:50:18Z    info    install/operators.go:807        Generating kubeconfig   {"component": "install/operators"}
2023-10-31T11:50:20Z    info    install/operators.go:813        Connecting your Kubernetes cluster to Everest   {"component": "install/operators"}
2023-10-31T11:50:20Z    error   output/command.go:57    Could not create kube client (status 500): cannot register Kubernetes cluster due to Everest error
could not register a new Kubernetes cluster with Everest
Your provisioned Everest instance is available at

In rancher there many objects created.

Anyone have an idea.

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Hi @SBO79,

It’s awesome to see you exploring Everest with Rancher!

Officially, we don’t support deploying Everest on Rancher just yet.
I suspect that you might be running into a specific limitation. The issue is that Everest can only be deployed to Kubernetes clusters where the Kubernetes API server is exposed on a public IP address. This requirement is due to the fact that the Everest backend API operates within a container inside a Docker network, and it needs to communicate with the Kubernetes API server defined in your kubeconfig. If the Everest backend cannot establish communication with your Kubernetes cluster, it will result in a failure.

To verify if this is indeed the issue, you can check the Everest container logs. First, identify the container name by running the command:

docker ps

The container name should resemble something like <some-prefix>-everest-1. Once you have the container name, you can view its logs by using:

docker logs <some-prefix>-everest-1

If this turns out to be the problem, it’s worth noting that we have plans to address this limitation in version 0.5.0, which is expected to be released by the end of November.


Hi Diogo_recharte,

Thanks for your quick response. It seems this is the issue described:

"level":"error","ts":1698932756.767074,"caller":"api/kubernetes.go:387","msg":"Get \"https://rancher.xxxx.xxx/k8s/clusters/c-m-gqpszcsp/api?timeout=10s\": tls: failed to verify certificate: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority"
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The everest backend is failing to communicate with the k8s cluster not because it can’t reach the k8s API server but because your cluster is using a self-signed certificate.
Everest doesn’t currently support clusters with self-signed certificates so there’s nothing you can do right now to overcome this limitation.
We have plans to address this limitation in version 0.5.0, which is expected to be released by the end of November.

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Thanks, I will wait the 0.5.0.

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Seems like I’ll hit the same snag. I won’t be dropping PMM server anytime soon then.

Hello @SBO79 and @voarsh,

Exciting news! Everest v0.5.0 was released last week, featuring a major shift to Kubernetes native architecture, phasing out the docker compose installation method.

Although not specifically tested in Rancher, we believe this release addresses the Kubernetes cluster registration issue. Feel free to explore the latest updates and improvements.

Check out the latest blog post for a quick overview of the quick install guide or refer to the detailed installation guide.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest release.

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Might give it a test sometime.
But can Percona write up official docs on uninstalling DBaaS
How to uninstall DBaaS? COREOS/OLM etc - this was linked (Uninstall Percona Everest - Percona Everest) but it is not exactly comparable for DBaaS. Especially important if you want people to move over to Everest in future from PMM/DBaaS.