We invite you to test the Alpha version of the new product by Percona

Hey, everybody,

Last Friday, September 29, the Percona team published the first public version of Percona Everest 0.3.0

I invite you to install and try this new product and share your opinions and ideas.

It’s really a new product started from scratch. It provides you with a user-friendly web interface for creating and managing database clusters.

Everest uses Percona Kubernetes Operators to deploy database clusters to Google Cloud and AWS.

It is already possible to:

  1. You can create MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB with one or several nodes. Change their resources and parameters. Scale horizontally and vertically.
  2. Integrate PMM to monitor the created databases. The databases will be automatically added to PMM.
  3. Create and restore backups.

And all this in a new interface.

More details here. Be sure to take the time and try the Quickstart guide.