Install Everest on Kubernetes

Right now I can install Everest through docker containers, but is there a plan to add Kubernetes only installation?

Having a Cloud Native product, but without installing it on k8s is a bit weird.

Hey Sergey,

Thank you for your feedback, we in Everest team 100% agree with this opinion. We are currently working on few last dependencies before Percona Everest will become fully Cloud Native product and kubernetes deployment will be the only supported deployment way. Currently this change is planned for version 0.5.0 which will be released by the end of November.


Hi, i trying to deploy percona everest on k8s cluster with postgresql operator but the deployment doest have repositories for the image? is thare any solution how i can specify with installation? Other operators works well.
Failed to inspect image “percona/percona-postgresql-operator:2.3.0”: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = short-name “percona/percona-postgresql-operator:2.3.0” did not resolve to an alias and no unqualified-search registries are defined in “/etc/containers/registries.conf.d/01-unqualified.conf”


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Hello Ivan,
Thank you for reaching out.
To be honest with you, I’m a bit confused about this error.
I’m not able to reproduce it and as you can see here this image is available in dockerhub just like the other operators’ images.
Is it possible that it was some kind of intermittent network error? Have you been able to install it with a second attempt or is the error persistent?