Percona Everest 0.6.0 has been released. Lots of changes, it's a good time to try it

The team worked hard on the backend and architecture to make installation and configuration even easier and more convenient.

Try the Quickstart Guide for Percona Everest.

Here is the list of improvements:

  1. New super interface for backups and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR).
  2. Secure access through user authentication. This is very cool, now Everest runs immediately in a cluster; no need for docker or anything else on your computer. The Percona Everest panel is available in a web browser and is protected by token authorization.
  3. Dark mod to please your eyes.
  4. Many small, imperceptible, but important changes.

Release Notes:

Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us.

What features and sections in the interface do you miss?
What usage scenarios are important to you?
What could be done better?

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Hi, do you know of a way to install Percona Everest on

Hi, there is no way to install on You need a Kubernetes cluster.