Upgrade Mongodb from 4.4 to 5.0 via Percona operator


Hello team, maybe someone has already done this task, or maybe you have some guild on how to upgrade MongoDB 4.4 to 5.0 via pbm agent

Hey @Serhii_Plesovskykh ,

please read about major version upgrades here: Upgrade MongoDB and the Operator - Percona Operator for MongoDB

As for “via pbm agent” - please clarify. I assume PBM is Percona Backup for MongoDB?

I read this, thank you for your input.
Question if it reconfigures the raws of my database (will add necessary system field to each record) during the upgrade OR it just changes images under the hood to a new version and after this my database crash

P.S PBM - Yes this is about Percona Backup for MongoDB

@Serhii_Plesovskykh - could you please clarify “reconfigures the raws” ?

We do change the image under the hood, but as you see we don’t change the FCV (feature compatibility version). Which means that changing the image is a safe operation. Once the cluster is up, you can change the FCV flag.

In our operators we are mimicing the usual upgrade practices, so in that case we follow our experts advice and MongoDB instructions.