Upgrade of mongodb operator and the mongodb version

Currently, our setup utilizes MongoDB Operator version 1.14.0 alongside MongoDB version 6.0.4-3. We’re looking to upgrade to the latest versions: Operator version 1.15.0 and MongoDB version 6.0.12-9. Unfortunately, I’m encountering difficulties finding comprehensive documentation for this process. Could you assist with the correct steps or provide any relevant documentation? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @Jahnavi_Sana ,

have you seen this doc: Upgrade MongoDB and the Operator - Percona Operator for MongoDB ?
Please let me know if you still find it difficult or face any issues.


I have tried following the same steps.The steps I followed:

  1. Applied bundle.yaml file thereby changing the crd version
    kubectl apply --server-side -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator/v1.14.0/deploy/bundle.yaml
    2.Applied kubectl patch psmdb my-cluster-name --type=merge --patch ‘{
    “spec”: {
    “image”: “percona/percona-server-mongodb:4.4.24-23”,
    “backup”: { “image”: “percona/percona-backup-mongodb:2.3.0” },
    “pmm”: { “image”: “percona/pmm-client:2.39.0” }
    I keep getting this error Back-off restarting failed container percona-server-mongodb-operator in pod percona-server-mongodb-operator-66d98978b7-cl7tp_mongodb(08a10223-d45a-416d-b385-debdab8f0c31)
    Readiness probe failed: command “/opt/percona/mongodb-healthcheck k8s readiness --component mongod” timed out

Please share your Custom Resource manifest that you had before the upgrade. I will try to reproduce it. The upgrade procedure works, so it might me some specific options in your env.

I had the version 1.14.0 crd.
Readiness probe failed: 2024-02-20T07:50:43.784Z INFO Running Kubernetes readiness check for component {“component”: “mongod”} 2024-02-20T07:50:43.785Z ERROR Member failed Kubernetes readiness check {“error”: “dial: dial tcp [::1]:27017: connect: connection refused”, “errorVerbose”: “dial tcp [::1]:27017: connect: connection refused\ndial\ngithub.com/percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator/healthcheck.MongodReadinessCheck\n\t/go/src/github.com/percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator/healthcheck/readiness.go:32\nmain.main\n\t/go/src/github.com/percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator/cmd/mongodb-healthcheck/main.go:121\nruntime.main\n\t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/proc.go:250\nruntime.goexit\n\t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1598”} main.main /go/src/github.com/percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator/cmd/mongodb-healthcheck/main.go:123 runtime.main /usr/local/go/src/runtime/proc.go:250
was mongod excluded from the new release?I think this has something to do with mongod

Hey can anyone please help me with this?