Can I use percona-server-mongodb 5.0 with the operator?


I am searching for upgrade options to the percona-server-mongodb 5.0 but can’t seem to find any related documentation on the topic.

Can you let me know if I can use percona-server-mongodb 5.0 with the Percona MongoDB Operator or it is still in development.

Thank you for your time,

Krasimir Velichkov
DevOps at WPX

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Hello @Krasimir_Velichkov ,

it is available, we have added it in 1.10.0 release.

But please note we have added it as tech preview and we do not recommend to use MongoDB 5.0 in production (both with Operator and regular deployment). It has many critical bugs which were not yet fixed.

To use 5.0 in Operator you can:

  1. set specific version through smart update:
    apply: 5.0.2-1
  1. set specific image, but disable smart update:
  image: percona/percona-server-mongodb:5.0.3-1
  updateStrategy: Never
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