MongoDb 5.0 support in percona operator


Is any roadmap to offer compatibility and support (production enviroments) for mongodb 5.0 in percona operator for mongodb? we are using operator in version 1.11.


Hi @Danilo_Figueiredo !
Operator release 1.12 is in progress and it should support MongoDB 5.0 by default (it should be out in a week or even sooner).
Release candidate images are already out and release branch (release-1.12.0) is open so if you wish to try it out feel free to use it from that branch, but only in test environment.
When you will see release notes and documentation updated you can start using it in production.

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@Danilo_Figueiredo FYI: PSMDB operator v1.12.0 was released with support for MongoDB 5.0.

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