1.12.0 - is it possible to use MongoDB 4.x

and what is the latest 4.x version recommended ?

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Hi @jamoser !
Yes, it is possible to use 4.x, it’s just that 5.0 is default, but you can specify any other image in the cr.yaml.
From this release 4.0 is no longed supported and you can get the list of supported versions via this query:

curl -s "https://check.percona.com/versions/v1/psmdb-operator/1.12.0" -H "accept: application/json" | jq

or just check the content of this file: percona-version-service/operator.1.12.0.psmdb-operator.json at main · Percona-Lab/percona-version-service · GitHub
So 4.4.13-13, 4.2.19-19 should work as well as 5.0.7-6.


@tplavcic … thanks a lot !

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