Sezing K8s local

Hi Percona,
I want to install percona everest on k8s local rancher
Please give me some information about the sezing system
example : 1 master 3 worker 4CPU, RAM 8G , K8s version 1.27

Hello @hoakhanh281,
Worker nodes with only 8GB RAM will limit your ability to create production-quality MySQL databases. Typically MySQL databases have 16-192GB of RAM to store data. Is this just a test environment? If so, then you can get by with lower amounts of resources.

i have installed successfull percona everest on GKE 1.27 . but i don’t know how to install percona everest on local k8s . please give me information or guide for me about how to setup percona everest on local k8s

Hello @hoakhanh281,
Please read over our extensive documentation and watch our full playlist of tutorial videos.

That’s if I understand the question correctly.

I only run one Kubernetes node locally so that it has enough resources to create databases.

Roughly I only have 8 CPUs and 12 GB ram for Docker.

So I am running a single Minikube node with 4-6 CPUs and 10 GB Ram.
This is just enough to run Everest and make a MySQL cluster with 3 MySQL nodes with 1 CPU / 2 GB each (3 CPUs, 6 GB total + haproxy + operators).

thanks for update information . i will try to install Everest in next week