Percona Everest HA 2 Sites k8s local

Hello ,

I want to deploy percona 2 sites HA K8s local
So, please advise on a standard model for percona that can work well when a site is down
When site A is down, data works normally at site B

hey @hoakhanh281 !

  1. Which database technology are we talking about here (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL)?
  2. Is it mandatory to replicate the storage between the sites? We have cross-site replication in all Operators (example MongoDB), and we will have this implemented in Everest. As you see it does not rely on storage replication, but database engine itself. Will it work for you?

Hello Sergey_Pronin
I want to deploy percona everest on k8s 2 site

You can deploy two different installations of Percona Everest in two different clusters. That way you will have isolated db clusters.

Two notes:

  1. It is not possible to connect clusters in such a setup into main/Dr setup.
  2. Our plan is to have a single Percona Everest managing multiple k8s clusters and setting up replication across clusters. Multi k8s should be available in q3/q4 this year.