Remove mongo node with graphs data


Adding new server with ‘pmm-admin add mongodb’ by mistake added second server with the name of first one and now see in dashboard two servers with the same name.
Failed to remove and add both again, still the same, two same names in dashboard, but different in Service name.
Is it possible to fix it without the whole server re-installation?

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Hello, you can remove the additional service with:

pmm-admin remove mongodb your-duplicate-mongo-service-name

you can check the proper name with pmm-admin list

the dashboard should stop displaying the extra service name after some time has passed, i.e. wait 1 hour and then select last 15 min time span. The duplicate name should be gone.

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Hello @Seventh_Son,
Just to elaborate on what igroene said, removing a node will not purge out any previously collected data. So you will continue to see duplicate data for a bit.

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