How to remove MongDB Cluster Summary

When setting up my PMM environment I made a typo on entering our cluster name when installing the PMM-Clients on my MongoDB systems. Since then I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled pmm clients, etc and now have the correct cluster name in my PMM instance. Unfortunately the old/incorrect cluster name still exists in the PMM database - which is always the “default” cluster shown in the MongoDB Cluster Summary.

I’ve tried running “pmm-admin remove” to remove the cluster name but no luck. Is there a way to go in and remove this cluster name?


Sending a “BUMP” on this. Anyone have any ideas?

Facing the same issue.

Hi Stevec / Lalit,

Yes. By default when you remove the metrics, the data collected are not removed from the PMM server. So you have to purge them to remove them fully. After purge, refresh the dashboard and you will not see the Cluster name in the list again.

pmm-admin purge mongodb:metrics NAME

NAME - name of the metrics configured

Best Regards,
Vinodh Krish