Removed orphaned nodes PMM2


I have some nodes showing up twice in the dashboard because the hostnames changed.

I’ve already run pmm-admin inventory remove node --force for each of them, and they no longer show up under pmm-admin inventory list nodes.

They’re also not showing up inside PMM under graph/inventory/nodes but if I go to the dashboard they are still listed under Node Names.

How can I get rid of them?

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You’re seeing them because there’s still data on those nodes within the retention period. Assuming you didn’t change anything from defaults, they will fall off in 30 days when the data in the victoriametrics database auto-ages out metrics.

if it really bothers you, you can set retention to X days (whenever the rename happened) and in 24 hours set it back to 30 and the nodes will no longer show on dashboards but beware that will purge history for ALL monitored nodes.

Dashboards are typically set up for any node with data in the time window, it doesn’t matter if it’s still actively reporting metrics or registered in inventory.