Instance removal from PMM Inventory


I tried to remove one instance from PMM inventory, by removing from service, agent and node, in that order. I still see the instance on the Home Dashboard. Did I miss the sequence, maybe agent, node and then service?

Verified with pmm-admin list services, agents, nodes. That’s consistent with what’s displayed under pmm inventory, but the dashboard still shows this service that was removed. What else could be missing?

Thank you!

Data on the node will continue to display until it ages out per the data retention period (30 days by default) then will fully disappear. If it no longer shows on any of the inventory tabs you can rest assured it was removed and metrics are no longer being collected for it. Next time you want to remove a node, you can do it in one step by going right to the nodes tab on the inventory page and delete the desired node but toggle the “force mode”option in the delete confirmation box.

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Thank you, Steve. Ok, so that means I did remove it in the wrong order. I used “Force” on each of the tabs. WIll wait and see it disappears.


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You actually did it in the right order (services, agents, nodes). The force option will also remove any dependencies automatically so if you try to remove an agent but there are still services tied to it they’ll first be removed then the agent will be removed. I’ll get this in a ticket to improve the wording to its more clear in future versions!

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Data time series can be removed manually by victoriametrics API request.

curl -s -G -u admin:admin -d 'match={__name__=~".*",service_name=~"mongodb_config_1"}'

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Thank you for confirming Steve. Yes, I did use force. Will see if it disappears. If not will open a jira.

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