The node that has already been deleted is shown in grafana node list


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In grafana, The node that has already been deleted is shown in the list.
The node has been deleted from the inventory and is invisible.

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Deleted node not visible in list

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Deleted node seen in list

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Hi @pmmChobo

Metrics are not deleted automatically if an instance is deleted.
You may remove metrics manually by api request delete_series
Please set service_name that was used on the dropped node.


thank you for your reply

but result is 0

I executed this command in a container

@pmmChobo, if you select a smaller time interval (currently you have 12 hours) then you should see only present Services, and the data about deleted services will be in PMM until the retention time (30 days by default)
Can I ask you - why you need to remove data from PMM? this is not a recommended operation for monitoring tools (this is why this is not done with a Service removal)

Thank you for your answer.
I tried to adjust the time to 5 minutes, but I still see the service and node that I erased before.

This is to make the service and node deleted from inventory invisible to grafana.

Please remove space in the match block.

thank you god

i can use that command when service_name is “pmm-server-postgresql”.
but still result 0, when service_name is other service name

its ip is not
is it okay?