PMM Sever Amazon EC2 Image


I’ve been trying to set up the PMM Server as supplied in the Amazon images at [url]Percona Monitoring and Management (I’m using EU (London)).

This fires up just fine, but I want to SSH into the server to diagnose what looks to be a firewall issue.

As normal, I’ve provisioned the server giving it RSA keypair via the Amazon EC2 web UI. The thing is, I cannot SSH into the server using this key. It may be because I don’t know the default SSH username this key will refer to. I’ve tried root and ec2-user.

Does anyone know the SSH username that’s configured in this image?



Hi cocodude ,

Using the AMI is slightly modified from a traditional EC2 instance - you need to first load the PMM landing page as described on: [url]Percona Monitoring and Management
This screen will provide to you an option to paste your ssh public key which you will use to log into the instance. Let us know your progress!

Indeed I’ve done this step. However, using the standard SSH usernames (root and ec2-user) with the SSH key provided doesn’t let me log in.

Hence, I’m wondering what username I should be using for this instance, or if I’ve done something else silly! The steps I’ve done here work for a standard Amazon image, e.g. a Debian install.