PMM login credentials

I just started up a PMM instance in AWS from the marketplace. Was following the Usage Instructions and was able to enter the instance id and then was presented with the login page. The documentation simply states to “Click Submit and enter your user name and password in the dialog window that pops up.” I entered my personal info but received “Invalid Username or Password”.

Where do I create / obtain account credentials?

Hi there,

The current version of PMM available in the marketplace is 2.10.0. However, you’re following a guide for PMM 1.x. Unlike that version, 2.x does not ask you to create a user, but requires you to enter the default credentials, which can then be changed if required.

See for details. Specifically:

The default user name is admin, and the default password is admin also. You will be proposed to change the default password at login if you didn’t it.

Thank you for the informative response Sergey.

I was taken to that documentation by clicking the “Usage Instructions” that appeared after the instance was started from the website. If you have any control over updating that info and link I am sure that it would help a few people as they get started.

Yikes!!! We do have control over that and will create a ticket to update now! Thanks!