Steps to setup monitoring for Amazon RDS


Can somebody help me with a link on how can I setup PMM for Amazon RDS for Postgresql
I have installed PMM client but when i am trying to add RDS using PMM-admin it fails to register

Any help with above issue is very much appreciated

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Hi @siddharth0204, Amazon RDS instance should be added via UI.

Thank you for your prompt response.

I was trying to setup PMM on an EC2. Performed all the steps till adding PMM client
When I was trying to add amazon RDS using below command, it was not able to register and giving error

sudo pmm-admin config --server-insecure-tls --server-url=https://postgres:password@RDSENDPOINT

Though I understand that by the URL that you provided that I need to add it using UI.
Can UI be set up without executing above command?

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Yes, UI doesn’t require setting up of PMM Client, only PMM Server.

As @Nurlan says, load the PMM UI, click the ‘PMM’ button in the upper right and click ‘PMM Add Instance’. From there, select ‘Amazon RDS’. Input your AWS Key/Secret to discover all RDS instance then click ‘Add’ next to the one you want.

Thanks again for all your assistance

So the EC2 on which I am trying to install PMM does also need to have Postgres installed for it to act as a Server… right?

Need to install Postgres… Create PMM user as per instructions on Postgres database. Get the UI up and working and then add RDS instance to UI?

Hope the steps are correct

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@siddharth0204 You don’t need to install pgsql. You should just install PMM Server according to our documentation. On EC2, you can either launch our AMI (recommended, search the marketplace) or you can install docker and run our container.

You can’t use PMM without installing and configuring PMM Server.

Thank you very much for all of your assistance Nurlan and Matthew. Very much appreciated

Some simple steps helped set up the monitoring for RDS.


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