Issues connecting to instance after installing from AWS Marketplace

Hi there.

Installing Percona DB Monitoring through AWS marketplace was a breeze. Sign up, launch instance and everything is automatically set up for you.

But I now need to access this instance for various reasons.
Im unable to do so with the keys I generated on creation of the instance with ec2-user via SSH.

I cant use AWS session Manager either, as although I have given the same role thatv works for my other instances, the instance doesnt appear to connect to.

I also cant connect to this Instance via EC2 Instance Connect. Again, this works on my other instances, but not on the instance with the Percona installed via Marketplace. This is the same with user root or ec2-user.

Can anyone offer any help on how we can access an instance where Percona is installed via AWS Marketplace?

Did you try admin username, as indicated in our documentation?