PMM using AWS AMI : server_error: server error: 502: details

We installed PMM on AWS AMI. When we go to the URL, every dashboard has an error:
server_error: server error: 502: details. I attached a screenshot.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Hello @ginab, thank you for writing to us!

I replicated the steps in the official documentation PMM from AWS Marketplace, and I couldn’t reproduce that error. Could you please confirm if you followed all the steps in the documentation?

Also, could you please provide me with more details to replicate it?

Thank you, @ginab!

Hello Edith! Thank you for your reply. I asked the Sysadmin that did the install and here is his reply:

I followed this Doc:

The one thing that caught my eye was under “Running the instance”.
They talk about a Public IP and you can see in their example both a Public & Private IP’s.

So, I re-installed the EC2 allowing it to create a Public IP.
And the GUI comes up without errors.

Can this Product can be configured without a Public IP?

Hi @ginab, thanks for your reply! Glad you have PMM working now! :slight_smile:

For PMM, you can use PMM with any Elastic IP (both Public and Private).

Public Elastic IP: This type is publicly accessible from the internet, allowing you to access resources like web servers, APIs, or any service that should be reachable over the public internet.

Private Elastic IP: This type is used for internal communication within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or network.

The choice between these types will depend on how you configure your VPC and your specific networking requirements.