Pmm-admin list shows Unauthorized. Please check username and password

Hi Team,

I have the PMM server version : 2.35.0 installed on a dedicated server and the other Percona MySQL database servers have pmm2-client installed on their individual server. I want to remove a DB server from the PMM Dashboard so for that I have uninstalled the pmm2-client from the DB server(the one on which I don’t want to monitor anymore). I don’t see the server in the MySQL Instance Overview dashboard, however, I see it under the Node Name list and if I select the server name from the dropdown, I can see the DB server details.

I am referring the article : How to Manually Remove Client Instances From Percona Monitoring and Management 2.

I logged in to the PMM server,

[devops@va-pmm-server ~]$ docker ps -a
e9ce18d18145 percona/pmm-server:2 “/opt/” 7 days ago Up 7 days (healthy) 80/tcp,>443/tcp pmm-server
1e76668d9da5 percona/pmm-server:2 “/bin/true” 7 days ago Created pmm-data

I did :

[devops@va-pmm-server ~]$ docker exec -it e9ce18d18145 bash
[root@e9ce18d18145 opt]# pmm-admin list
Unauthorized. Please check username and password.

You see, I get the Unauthorized. Please check username and password message, not sure why.

Can someone help me with this please ?

Hello @MahendraB,
I read over that blog post and there are no steps to log in to the docker instance of PMM server. Where did you see this step? All of the methods described on the blog post utilize an already connected “client” to send commands to the PMM server. I recommend that you re-read the blog post for clarification.

From the blog:

we can use the pmm-admin client tool from any other currently-working node.

Thank you for your response Matthew, I tried from one of the already connected client to send commands to the PMM server and it worked. The reason, why I was login to the docker instance of PMM server is because I had installed the pmm server using the docker method of installation.

Thank you again and I wish you a happy weekend.