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Hey , i have installed pmm server and i have also configured pmm client on all my nodes, both using docker, on ubuntu 20.04 LTS arm64,
this command , shows status connected to server.
PMM_SERVER=; sudo docker run --rm --platform linux/amd64 --name pmm-client -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_ADDRESS=${PMM_SERVER} -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_USERNAME=admin -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_PASSWORD=admin -e PMM_AGENT_SERVER_INSECURE_TLS=1 -e PMM_AGENT_SETUP=1 -e PMM_AGENT_CONFIG_FILE=pmm-agent.yml --volumes-from pmm-client-data percona/pmm-client:2

Now when i run this command
pmm-admin config --server-insecure-tls --server-url=https://admin:admin@ generic ubuntu1
I get pmm-admin command not found error

This is the doc i referred to:

Any fixes? and also is there a way to check if my nodes are connected to the server using CLI ?
Thank you

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Hi Sanjana,

The command can be executed inside the used container.

docker exec -it pmm-client pmm-admin help
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Thank you for the help @Vadim_Yalovets

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