Percona not showing all Mysql services

Hello there,

We are facing a bit of a strange issue when trying Percona.

Some of the nodes (hosts) are not shown in all dashboards. (See images attached bellow)
The service in overview - count(mysql_global_status_uptime{service_name=~"$service_name"})
isn’t limited as far as I can see.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what could be wrong?

I am attaching a link with the images as new accounts can only submit 1 image per post:



If there is no MySQL data, then the node won’t appear in the MySQL dashboard menus. Try changing your timeframe to 5m. Your terminal screenshot is chopped off so I can’t see which agents are running. Ensure that you’ve properly added the mysql agent to all mysql hosts.

Hi Adam,

Could you compare in Explore service names that provided by mysql_up and mysql_global_status_uptime metrics?

Hi Matt,

thank you for your prompt reply. Would this suffice?

Service type        Service name                        Address and port        Service ID
MySQL          /service_id/xxx                                                     

Agent type                 Status           Metrics Mode        Agent ID                                              Service ID                                                      
pmm_agent                  Connected                            /agent_id/xxx                                                                        
node_exporter              Running          push                /agent_id/xxx                                                                        
mysqld_exporter            Running          push                /agent_id/xxx       				      /service_id/xxxx               
mysql_slowlog_agent        Running                              /agent_id/xxx				              /service_id/xxxx                
vmagent                    Running          push                /agent_id/xxx

I have made sure that they are running on other nodes, as can be seen on OS Disk details for example, I can see all the other mysql services from different environments/ locations and their metrics.

All the nodes but this db01.beta I am showing (where it is working) are running version

Version: 2.37.1
PMMVersion: 2.37.1

The workinig DB is running a 2 year old version

Version: 2.23.0
PMMVersion: 2.23.0
Timestamp: 2021-10-19 09:56:50 (UTC)

Could there be a compatibility issue? I am not super keen on updating it, because it is the only one that works completely :smiley:

For example

different beta server:

Service type        Service name        Address and port        Service ID

Agent type           Status           Metrics Mode        Agent ID                                              Service ID        Port
pmm_agent            Connected                            /agent_id/xxx                         		 0 
node_exporter        Running          push                /agent_id/xxx                          		42000 
vmagent              Running          push                /agent_id/xxx                          		42001

@Vadim_Yalovets I have made these two metrics and put them side by side, they also show the same:
For the timeframe, it does not matter what I choose, the data stays the same.

Thank you for your time,

Notice how “different beta server:” does not have mysql agent running? You need to fix that.

Hi Matthew,

thanks a lot. No idea how I missed that…

Solved :slight_smile: !