I see only one service in mysql table details


Currently, a total of 23 services have been registered.

in Grafana
If you go into MySQL-Overview, you can see a total of 23 related to Services.


MySQL-Table details shows only one Service.

Are there any additional settings that need to be set?

The service that only shows one service and the other services have the same environment and the same user rights registered in the DB.

Not sure what version of PMM you’re running but the first place I’d look is at inventory (gear icon towards bottom of nav menu) → Inventory. if you’re on a newer version of PMM you’ll see what services are registered and their status. See if there are any errors or services in a down state.

Most of the menus are populated from the victoriametrics database (which is where metrics are stored) as opposed to the postgres database (which is where registrations are stored)…so if you’re not seeing any details, it sounds to me like no metrics are coming in from the node or you are looking in a time range where some nodes/services had no data returned as the dropdowns are all generated by what’s found for a given time window.

Thanks for the reply

But when I checked the inventory,

There are no errors in any part.

In fact, in the mysql entry, it comes out normally.

There is only 1 Service item in MySql-Table Details.

@shshwe2, how many tables do you have in DB?
PMM has a feature to automatically stop collecting Table-related metrics if the number of Tables is significant (100 by default, I think). This is why - if there is no Table collector enabled - there are no services in the mentioned dashboard.
You can control the number of tables to disable Table collector by the --disable-table-stats-limit=disable-tablestats-limit flag from our doc

Oh thank you, there are about 800 tables except for the DB that comes out.

so you didn’t come

thank you it’s solved