Query Analytics dashboard empty

Hi. I setup MySQL server as documented here. However I still don’t see my server in Query Analytics dashboard. I added the mysql service with --query-source=slowlog flag since I’m running percona-server 5.7.26

Here is my pmm-admin statusoutput.

PMM Client:
        Connected        : true
        Time drift       : 4.900394ms
        Latency          : 663.304µs
        pmm-admin version: 2.12.0
        pmm-agent version: 2.12.0
        /agent_id/34d7sb5a-5023-44a1-96e6-9fd95dcb01c7 mysql_slowlog_agent Waiting
        /agent_id/599ezbb2-bf18-48cf-bec0-4581300d51f9 vmagent Running
        /agent_id/9626f47c-f280-49a5-be5b-485fa8e0e395 mysqld_exporter Running
        /agent_id/d3913d56-d167-4300-b2bc-54993vadd0a0 node_exporter Running

mysql_slowlog_agent shows Waiting which might be the reason?

Note: I had to run 2 different percona-server on this VM, so I deployed them using percona/percona-server:5.7.26 docker image. I think this might be the reason why Query Analytics isn’t working. Is there any way to get it working?

I have connected the servers via --query-source='perfschema' at the moment which is working.

With this flag mysql_slowlog_agent status is changed to Running