Percona MongoDB operator on OpenShift > 4.13?


The Percona MongoDB operator shows up in the OpenShift operator catalogs for versions up to and including 4.13, but is missing in 4.14.

Steps to Reproduce:

Search for “MongoDB” in the OperatorHub search form in OpenShift 4.13. You will find the Percona Operator in the marketplace, certified and community catalogs.

Search for “MongoDB” in a cluster in OpenShift 4.14. No Percona results.


OpenShift: 4.14
Percona: any (no version is shown)

Expected Result:

I’d expect to see a version of the operator to install like it was in versions up to 4.13.

Actual Result:

No Percona MongoDB operator offered to install.

Is there a reason why the operator is not supported on 4.14+ or can one simply install it from and it will probably just work?


Hey @gudroot ,

When we released the latest version of the Operator 3-4 months ago 4.14 was not stable yet. We will release MongoDB March/April and it will be tested on 4.14.

But you can install it already on 4.14 and it will just work.