Mongo DB Disaster Recovery Setup for non kubernetes environment


Anyone knows that procona mongo DB support to setup disaster recovery for non kubernetes deployments?

Hey @Kushanme ,

it does.

With Percona Server for MongoDB you can implement any topology you need.

Anything you have in mind or any requirements?


Hi @Sergey_Pronin ,

Thank you for ur reply.
Ys. I do have a topology.
Currently I have an application which is connected to a percona mongo DB cluster and it’s consist with 1 primary and 3 secondary members with sync data replications. all the data are encrypted at rest.

Now we are planning implement the DR site which is 100 KM away from the current data centre. We need to keep same replica of db cluster in DR site with async data replication. (my diagram upload failed :frowning: )

Do we have a way to configure above topology . Please help to provide any reference documentation to follow.


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The topology you are thinking about is quite common - you just add more nodes into a replica set.

I will ask our MongoDB team if we have some documentation available.


Thanks you for the reply.
It will be great , if you can share some documents.

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