No data in mongo-db collections


I’m new with PMM and i run it to monitor mongo-db

Steps to Reproduce:

In mongo-db collection details , there is no data in collection panel , How can i run this section?
i also set mongo-db profile and i can get query analytics


PMMVersion: 2.41.1


also when i run systemctl status -l pmm-agent.service:

level=warning msg="cannot create metrics for oplog: mongo: no documents in result"" agentID=/agent_id/bab5cdb8-9dd2-4887-9a75-3b8727fc288c component=agent-proces>

Hi @amir_darvish you probably need a flag pmm-admin - PMM Administration Tool - Percona Monitoring and Management for metrics and also see a blog post related to this Monitoring MongoDB Collection Stats with Percona Monitoring and Management