Newest (now outdated) garbd fails to start

After setting up repository pxc-80 (release), installing percona-xtradb-cluster-garbd and configuring it, the garbd service will not start.

Error message:

systemd[1]: Started Galera Arbitrator Daemon.
garb-systemd[4285]: grep: /etc/default/garb: No such file or directory

Old issue:
GitHub link

garbd version:

# garbd --version
INFO: 4.5.r752664d

Temporary workaround:

# ln -s /etc/default/garbd /etc/default/garb
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Hi @johnkoval welcome to our Forums! This is my first post here, too :wink:

Looking at the github issue, this bug was resolved in version 4.6, while we’re still on version 4.5. So once PXC has been updated to Galera 4.6, we’ll inherit that fix as well. Your workaround looks reasonable, I just wonder what will happen when the package gets updated.

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