percona-xtradb-cluster-garbd-3.x fails on Ubuntu Lucid after last patch

After applying the last last patch for percona-xtradb-cluster-garbd-3.x from repository, garbd fails to start:

garbd -a gcomm://, -g xxx -n xxxx
2014-02-21 09:32:49.717 INFO: CRC-32C: using hardware acceleration.
2014-02-21 09:32:49.717 INFO: Read config:
daemon: 0
name: xxxx
address: gcomm://,
group: xxx
sst: trivial
options: gcs.fc_limit=9999999; gcs.fc_factor=1.0; gcs.fc_master_slave=yes

2014-02-21 09:32:49.718 INFO: protonet asio version 0
2014-02-21 09:32:49.719 INFO: Using CRC-32C (optimized) for message checksums.
2014-02-21 09:32:49.719 INFO: backend: asio
2014-02-21 09:32:49.720 INFO: GMCast version 0
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'gu::NotSet'

A backup from garbd binary from yesterday still works fine.