Arbitrator Garbd

Hello ,

I want to test an arbitrator on my pxc . I put it on the HAproxy server. After installing packages openssl098e-0.9.8e-17.el6.centos.2.i686.rpm and galera-25.3.1-1.rhel6.i386.rpm , I configure the file /etc/default/garb like that :

Then I start the service with the following command

This sound works properly .

But when I want to start garbd :

Here is the results of the log file

I also try these commands but the result is the same:

Does anyone now how to figure out this problem. Thanks in advance.


Are you sure the existing nodes: node1,2,3 are accessible via hostnames? Maybe try using IP number of one of the nodes?
Also, the host where you run the garbd should have access to TCP port 4567 on all the nodes.
This command should be enough to test it:

garbd -a gcomm://x.x.x.x:4567 -g my_cluster

where x.x.x.x is IP number of one of the working nodes

Use spaces as separator when defining GALERA_NODES variable