MySQL / MySQL Amazon Aurora Details shows no data


The MySQL / MySQL Amazon Aurora Details dashboard is showing no data. Nor is it giving anything under the Service Name drop down. However, we see data from Aurora instances under the MySQL instance summary dashboard. How do I get the Aurora details dashboard populated?

Hello @cybwalker,
Can you please post all the steps/docs you followed to add this RDS instances to PMM?

We just went to PMM inventory - Add service and selected the Remote MySQL option

I just added a new Aurora DB instance as a remote RDS. Provided it the IAM credentials needed to discover and add the DB and gave the db credentials. It still doesn’t show up as a service on the MySQL Amazon Aurora Details dashboard.

Can you please log into your Auora and run these to check the Aurora version?

show variables like '%version';

@cybwalker @matthewb was this ever resolved? I am facing the same issue. I can see one however, running on MySQL 5.7.mysql_aurora.2.11.2, but all others running on MySQL 8.0.mysql_aurora.3.04.0 are not appearing? Thanks