Percona Monitoring and Management for monitoring AWS RDS Aurora mysql clusters

I am trying out PMM for monitoring RDS aurora clusters, my end goal would be to detect noisy neighbour problems in a centralized way, the UI seems a nice fit for it.

I set up the connection with an aurora RDS cluster, and it is already ingesting some data, but it only has generalized data about the cluster itself, not the underlying databases. I have not read anywhere in the documentation if that’s even possible. But to me it looks like should be there.

Can someone provide a helping hand or some light in this topic? Thanks!

@Enin_Kaduk please Enable Enhanced Monitoring option in the settings of your Amazon RDS DB instance. you can follow here Amazon RDS - Percona Monitoring and Management

Thanks for info.
So I have an enhanced monitor turned on, and per the doc you shared, the only difference I can see is my company decided not to use IAM. I don’t know if you can see screenshot.

So is this because we don’t use IAM?
I have MySQL and Postgres, MYSQL works fine with no issues. Only Postgres has the problem.

So it does discovery and connects but QAN does not work.
Qan PostgreSQL pgstatements agent = waiting or error
Postgres exporter = Running

Why would MySQL work but not Postgres?

Hello @Mughees_Ahmed , thanks for your response.
But I think you did not understand my request.

Enhanced monitoring is already enabled with granularity of 30 seconds.
Nevertheless, all the underlying databases from the aurora cluster are not being displayed, I think PMM has no support for RDS Aurora clusters or some additional configuration which is not in the documentation needs to be done.

So are you saying PMM doesn’t work with AWS aurora Postgres? I can get it working with MySQL, so this makes me believe this is the case. It doesn’t work with Aurora Postgres.