"No data" Dashboard Table Details

Hi everyone!
I have some instances aurora (8.xx) and mysql rds (5.7) in aws and i deployed the pmm to monitoring this instances
One of our needs with pmm is monitoring tables size and largests tables size, but precisely the pmm table size details dash, the instances do not appear for me to select, and consequently the message “no data” appears in the dash. Can someone help me please?

Hello @Matheus_Barcellos,
Just to confirm, you have data in the MySQL Instance Summary dashboard, and others, but not in Table Details? Did you enable table data collection when you added the instances? There is a option for this just above the ‘Save’ button when you add a new instance.

Hi @matthewb,

Actually, we are experiencing probably similar problem.

The strange thing in our case is that we see Table Details for some servers, but for others - not. We are setting up new services following the same instructions every time, and also I’ve compared SHOW VARIABLES and see no significant diff within them.

MySQL version is not the thing too because present/absent services can be of the same version.

We are experiencing this problem on multiple different and independent projects. What could it be?


What we see is that there is no data within mysql_info_schema_table_version metric for absent servers.

RESOLVED with increasing table statistics limits, thanks