Home Dashboard showing incorrect CPU busy

Hi , I am using PMM 1.8.0.

Home Dashboard under “Environment Overview” - “CPU Busy” showing incorrect value.

As per “CPU Busy” its 100% and as per "System Overview Dashboard it is not (It is ~Max 35%). Attached here with both screen shots.

First one from “Home Dashboard” (CPU Busy graph) and Second from “System Dashboard” (load avg and CPU usage graphs).

Looks like a bug to me, need help to throw some light on this discrepancies.

Thank you in advance.


Hi vaibhav_upadhyay40 , we have identified performance issues with the new home dashboard and expect to resolve this difference in 1.9.0 due to be released next week. https://jira.percona.com/browse/PMM-2215

Thank you Michael.