PMM Dashboard is showing N/A or null for all hosts

New Home page in 1.81 dashboard is showing N/A or null for all hosts. Any timeout value to increase? I can see in PMM Demo all values are listed correctly.

Suresh Rajagopal

same problem, but not for all instances

Hi there, sorry for the delay.
Can I just check you ran through the troubleshooting list ?
Meanwhile, I will see if I can get any more info for you…

sureshr7 , Stateros - how many Hosts do you have in your installations? and what PMM server parameters (CPU, Memory)
Also you can use https://yourserver/graph/dashboard/db/prometheus for additional investigation

There are 19 db instances. Pmm-server hosted on i3.large (2 cpu and 15 Gb Ram)

I have the same problem with all clients except one which shows up properly on the Home dashboard. If I open the system overview they show correct values for all clients

pmm-admin list and pmm-admin check-network said everything is ok.
https://yourserver/graph/dashboard/db/prometheus - also ok, all services UP and ok

Maybe you have the same problem described here?


Yeah , its a bug. I also tested and it works fine as far as FQDN does not have dot “.” in between them as “client_name” in pmm.yml file on pmm client machine. Re-install everything with this fix , it should work.

Hi all thanks for all your input, this has been logged as a bug, and I’ll update as soon as there’s a status change

I have 70 instances monitored by this install. Server is running with 64GB for METRICS_MEMORY.

Hallo, I have the same problem but have no “.” in client_name… have 4 instances of percona that are OK e 1 of proxysql that shows N/A