CPU graph shows 100% wherein reality its < 20%

Actual CPU usage was 20% and graph representing 100% utilisation. Can you please help to solve this. Is this a bug?.

Some details =========
docker installation
version 1.3.0

can you try the following query for this graph and report if it is working better to you?

sum(rate(node_cpu{instance="$host", mode!="idle"}[$interval])) by (mode)* 100 / scalar(sum(rate(node_cpu{instance="$host"}[$interval]))) or sum(irate(node_cpu{instance="$host", mode!="idle"}[5m])) by (mode) * 100 / scalar(sum(irate(node_cpu{instance="$host"}[5m]))) 

Thanks Mykola…I tried and it looks better than before (.i.e 50%). Still when I compare with other source of data (other monitoring tool & “sar”) it is not matching.

do you see the same iowait peak directly in prometheus?


be carefull, you need specify 1) PMM Server IP, 2) instance name in the URL and 3) time period on web page – corectly

Result is different using above link. Attached here-with screen-shots. Thanks

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 8.41.48 PM.png