New Home Dashboard Feedback

We have introduced a new experimental dashboard in PMM version 2.30.0. The primary goal of this Home dashboard is to improve the performance while monitoring a large number of nodes or services in PMM. Repeated rows (for a large number of nodes) on the dashboard can take a considerable time to load Home Dashboard UI. So, to address this issue, we have developed a more user-friendly and insightful new experimental Home Dashboard.

What has changed?

  • Removed the repeated panel rows and instead used panels for the selected nodes.
  • Added Anomaly Detection and Command Center panels
  • Added comparison of USE metrics with the previous week
  • Added an Environment Health panel based on the Advisor checks

What comes next?

  • Improvements in the UI/UX
  • Tooltips on panels
  • Replacing the existing Home dashboard with the all-new Home Dashboard

Please provide your valuable feedback to help us decide what to add or change in the next iteration.

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I really like the much more condensed approach of the new dashboard - the old dashboard was not very good to use with more than ~30+ nodes. The one week comparison is a brilliant and helpful approach.

Some thoughts:

  1. One thing that I was always wondering about is why the “used memory” panels (not only in the New-Home Dashboard, but especially also in the Nodes Overview) are using absolute values (GiB). In an environment with very different node sizes percentages should be more useful (as implemented e.g. in the experimental Environments Overview+Summary).
  2. The environment filter does only work for the service summary, not for the selected nodes in the command center or anomaly detection
  3. The comparison of a “only” the last hour seems too restrictive to me; it would be nice if the selected time range (last hours) would be applied, in order to allow a broader comparison.

Thank you for your positive feedback. We always love to hear our community user’s suggestions to improve PMM.
We’re working on (experimental) Home dashboard to make it better. Your thoughts were analyzed, and considered for the next iteration that you’ll see as the Home page in PMM v2.32.

#1 percentage was used as the unit of User Memory
#2 was fixed.
Please keep following our PMM releases and let us know your feedback when you test the new Home dashboard in v2.32. And please do not forget to our release blog posts not to miss our special thanks to you for your feedback :slight_smile:

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I love this new home dashboard and make it default already. Good job team! :heart_eyes: