pmm is not drowing graph of cpu usage

pmm is not drowing graph of cpu usage.

i’m setting time range is last 3 hours.

another graph is ok. but cpu usage is not showing.

help me. thanks.

I did not explain it correctly.

time range over 3hours it’s not loaded.

range set last 1 hour. it’s loaded but very slowly.

what’s the problem?

Hi next1009,

can you clarify dashboard? (because we have several cpu graphs)


it’s “system overview” and pmm version 1.1.2

thank you for your reply.

can you try to use the following Query in graph?

sum( rate(node_cpu{instance="$host", mode!="idle"}[$interval])) by (mode) * 100 / scalar(sum(rate(node_cpu{instance="$host"}[$interval]))) or sum(irate(node_cpu{instance="$host", mode!="idle"}[5m ])) by (mode) * 100 / scalar(sum(irate(node_cpu{instance="$host"}[5m])))

it is needed to click on graph name, open for edit, open “metrics” tab and replace Query.
please find the screenshot [IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“width”:“800”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2]

i did change query in graph.

but it’s not loaded.


504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out

can you change Resolution value from “1/1” to “1/10” ?

Mykola I’m sorry. I’m late.

I changed Resolution value.

Last 12 hours is working but Last 24 Hours is not loaded yet.

I’m Sorry My English is very poor.

is “CPU Usage” graph working fine on “Summary Dashboard” and on “Mysql Overview” (under “System Charts”) ?
is only “System Overview” dashboard affected?

“cpu usage” Graph is not loaded in all dashboard.

can you open only CPU usage graph and open “Developer Tools” in your browser?
Do you see any errors in javascript “Console” tab or any issues in “Network” tab?

I was selected time range Last 24 Hours.

“cpu usage” graph is timeout error.

selected under 12 hours then it’s loaded but very slow.

Can you change “Resolution” value from “1/1” to “1/10” and “Min step” to “5m”?
don’t forget to click “Save dashboard” button on the top.
these changes radically decrease the amount of transferred data from grafana backend.

i was change “Resolution” value from “1/1” to “1/10” and “Min step” to “5m”

then it’s loaded. Thank you.

but i wonder why “cpu usage” graph is very slow.

it is slower that other graphs because it filters (idle metric) and aggregates (sum and count functions) values.
but anyway it should work fine and load values in few seconds.
7 days graph -…=now-7d&to=now
you can compare loading time