One Everest to manage multiple Kubernetes/Rancher Clusters and Namespaces


I recently used Everest to deploy databases on a RKE2 Cluster.
It works well in the cluster/namespace in which everest has been installed.
I exposes the UI with a LoadBalancer IP so that I can access Everest through a Web Browser.

The problem is that 1 Everest = 1 Namespace = 1 Kubernetes Cluster.
It means that I have to install 10 different Everests to manage 10 different Namespaces.
I also can’t manage multiple Kubernetes Clusters with one Everest (this would be great, it would be the same functionnalities as Rancher but for Databases).

Is this something that is in any development pipeline for Everest ?

Thank you

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Hello Baptiste,

Thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on adding multi-namespace support in Everest and will be released in Q1 2024. It will allow you to connect Everest to multiple namespaces within one k8s cluster and select them when you provision a database cluster. About the multi-k8s cluster support we are also discussing such capability but it is not yet planned. I wonder if you would be open to a zoom call where I could tell you about the direction we’re taking with Everest and would love to learn more about your use case. If you’re open for such call please reach out to me via email so we can arrange it.

Thank you very much for your contributions!
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