2022 Montreal

Percona will be present at 2022 Montreal with 02 talks :

Matt Yonkovit (Head of Open Source Strategy, Percona) will be presenting his talk The Lost Art of Database Design on ConFoo 2022 on February 23d at 11:15 AM (GMT-5). The scalability of your application and your database is only as good as the database design you put behind it. Matt will give you the 8 things you need to design on every application regardless of which database or service you use.

Peter Zaitsev (CEO, Percona) will also present his talk Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting for Databases on February 25th, 2022 @ 15:15. Peter will talk briefly about USE Method (Utilization - Saturation - Errors), RED (Rate - Errors - Duration), Golden Signals (Latency - Traffic - Errors - Saturations) and go deep discussing how we can apply them to the data infrastructure performance analysis troubleshooting and monitoring.

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