Community MeetUp for PostgreSQL , Oct. 13th

The next Community MeetUp for PostgreSQL is on October 13th, at 11:00am EDT (5:00 pm CEST or 8:30 pm IST). Charly Batista, PostgreSQL Tech Lead at Percona, will join Matt Yonkovit, the Head of Open Source Strategy at Percona, to share his experience. Come up with your tough question!


“Performance and Troubleshooting PostgreSQL” with Charly Batista

  1. Percona approach to performance improvement.
  2. The tools we use to monitor and observe customer environments.
  3. How to prevent performance issues BEFORE they occur.
  4. How some of our customers have learned and benefited from Percona optimizations.

Join us on Wednesday Oct 13th, 2021 at 11:00 am EDT/ 5:00 pm CEST/ 8:30pm IST

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