Need Feedback & Help with our 2021 Planning

Hello Everyone!

Matt Yonkovit, the HOSS ( Head of Open Source Strategy ) here at Percona, with an ask for our community. We are looking for feedback from the community on the topics, training, and conference sessions they would like to see in 2021 and beyond. What sort of feedback?

  • Do you want more or less of certain topics or content?
  • Are there new technologies you would like us to test and try out?
  • Are you looking for training and educational material on something?
  • How about speakers you would love to hear from at Percona Live?
  • Interested in some videos or podcast topics?

We just want to ensure we are helping the community get the info and details they need to be successful. We want to make this the year of “Open Source” here at Percona, and that is all about serving the community better.

Also if you are interested in contributing content ( blogs, videos, conference sessions, etc ) we are looking for people who want to share their passion for databases, open source, and Percona. Drop me a line at and we can chat.

Thanks for reading! Happy tuning everyone.

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